How to Buy

I've been attending a lot of events, giving out a lot of cards and getting a lot of new visitors to my website. So I just wanted to give a little intro.

All of my pieces are unique, so my best advice is, if you like it buy it when you see it, because chances are someone else will like it too. 

I will be attending fewer events this year and I'm going to try very very hard to keep my website updated with regular shop updates. I promise!

The easiest way to buy is in person at an event, there's a list on my events page and in my social media story highlights. If you can't get to an event, follow me on social media and drop me a message if you spot something you'd like to buy (or would like a better look at) and I'll be happy to create a custom listing for you. Or just ask what I've got, I'm always happy to help.

The good news is I'm taking commissions again, and with fewer events there won't be a 6 month waiting list this year....hopefully.