HI....I'm Emma Brown and I'm a needlefelt artist....I paint with wool!


I won't go into the technicals here (I plan to launch a blog page where I'll explain everything!) For now you just need to know that everything you are about to see was created with wool...not paint, not embroidery...just wool! I use a combination of dyed and natural sheeps wool, native and local wherever possible, along with more exotic fibres including Alpaca, bamboo and silk.

I have recently given up my job in a garden centre to become a full time artist (with impeccable timing as usual!!) My plan for this year was to spend my time travelling to fairs up and down the country, but with all events cancelled for the foreseeable I've put my efforts into bringing my artwork to you online.

I appreciate that with the way things are at the moment not everyone will be in a position to buy, but every like, share or comment on my social media will help me to grow my audience and pay the mortgage!!!!

Thanks for visiting!!