Spectacular Carousel Standard Lamp

£320.00 - £355.00
Spectacular Carousel Standard Lamp

I've had this lamp for a few years and I couldn't decide what to do with it....and then I realised it has always been destined to be a carousel pole!
This one was a challenge and I'm really happy with it. The Needlefelt horse is much finer than I'm used to (being a lover of native ponies) but he's come out beautifully. I decided to create a realistic horse and add details, such as the gold in the mane, for that carnival look. The headcollar was particularly challenging, it's made from antique look pink ribbon with antique gold studs and ring.
The lamp is blue, pink and gold and is distressed (imagine generations on little hands clinging on!) with an antique wax finish.
The lamp is 5ft tall (6ft with the shade) the shade is 40cm diameter.
This is one of my upcycled, preloved pieces. I'm really enjoying finding and making these pieces because every one is completely unique and environmentally friendly.
I'm struggling to find a courier because of the size. I've added delivery costs, for me to deliver, within 100 mile radius of Sutton-in-Ashfield. If you'd like to buy and you are outside that area please get in touch and we'll try to make arrangements to get it to you.